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ccMixter Picks

The diversity and quality of work on ccMixter feels like it's hitting a new level (opinion is totally biased and self-selecting).

My picks:

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Honeychild (Lullaby Mix) at ccMixter

An interpretation of Narva9’s lovely “Honeychild” (including melody and pace remixing). The ambient music bed makes use of several beautiful acapellas - Calendargirl’s “March”, Kaer Trouz’s “Blind Date A Capella”, Trifonic’s “Sooner or Later”, and Laura Eason vox - for background and processed vocals. Also used are lyrical guitars by Laura Eason and (see

Honeychild (Lullaby Mix)

I’ve also uploaded sample packs containing samples and phrases used in the remix.


SoundCloud Invites

I've got some more SoundCloud invites - let me know if you are interested!
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Arranging with Ableton Live

Wire to the ear has an interesting recent post about an article on Ableton Live arranging - recommended reading. I always find this kind of stuff fascinating – music and song construction, pacing, intro, outro – feels like it’s the part that is about telling a story.

The article compares two techniques: Standard Arranging and Subtractive Arranging. The first being additive – building in the arrange view vs. the second – putting everything in the arrange view and then removing.

In the past, I used to take a very track-centric approach – laying down tracks (be they MIDI or audio) until a song was built – definitely a reflex from the days of multitrack tape. Now, I typically build something in session view, which once performed, is almost entirely the song. That gets recorded to the arrangement – switch and polish transitions, add unique time elements – and then mix to taste.

I’m always interested in how people work – and love seeing peoples screens – so I’m offering mine from Freedom (Waking Mix). These are the session view prior to a take, the finished arrangement, and then using session as a mixer.



History of Amen Break

Pretty interesting historical video essay on a classic drum break - and related influences on modern music production.

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