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Perceptual Panning with Ableton Live

Mixing and creating spaces for different elements is hard – not surprisingly – and people employ various magic and technique. I’m starting to play with encapsulating some basic techniques into simple Ableton Live Racks. The following is a Perceptual Pan rack that implicitly uses Live’s built-in pan law, the Haas effect, and some head shadow caricaturing via EQ.

This is far from useful for everything, and the Haas effect causes all sorts of trouble in mono – nonetheless, it’s really convenient when roughly dialing in some position.



Perceptual EQ Labels with Ableton Live

When mixing, sometimes I am distracted by EQ technique, vs. hearing what I am actually doing. I imagine that I will be more facile and fluent in the perceptual impact of the frequency spectrum with more practice.

However, I wanted to experiment with the idea of perceptual EQ settings as a starting point for setting EQ – so I created this simple Ableton Live Rack – which simply maps some macros to selected EQ Eight parameters. I’ve found this to be useful – and am often surprised what the EQ curves look like after a first pass (settings are much more extreme than when I set it visually). I’m sure this can be improved upon in many ways – technique and/or programming!




I'm checking out Soundcloud - if this could be Flickr for music - that would be fantastic.

[edit]I've got a couple invites left - ping me if you are interested! - all gone[/edit]

Freedom (Waking Mix) at ccMixter

A remix using the moving and earnest spoken word, “Freedom” by Snowflake, over a bed of cinematic electronica. Thanks to Durden for the amazing “You can miss what you’ve never had” instrumentals, Klaus Neumair for the gorgeous “Guitar Mood Pack”, Jaspertine for the equally lyrical “Marmolada Guitar Drone”, and Laura Eason for the source vox in the processed background vocals. 

Freedom (Waking Mix)

I’ve also uploaded sample packs containing samples and phrases used in the remix.

Please Stay With Me (feat Kaer Trouz) at ccMixter

A new vo1k1 remix at ccmixter. An optimistic spin on Kaer Trouz’s poignant Thrushes a cappella (in my imagining of the lyrical story - I think they stay). There is use of a number of fantastic samples: some drums with a lot of personality from Fireproof Babies and pingnews; bass from jlbrock44; guitar from Tapsa and Kaer Trouz; the beautiful Krishinda Singing vocals from skoria; and some processed background Laura Eason vocals.

Please Stay With Me

I’ve also uploaded sample packs containing samples and phrases used in the remix.