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Using Speaker Impulse Responses for Mix Portability

When mixing and/or mastering for distribution via mp3, I generally want the mix to be reasonably portable – sure it sounds good on the monitors, but how about an ancient boom box, car stereo, and the modern ipod litmus test?

It seems like people deal with this in a number of ways: keep an inventory of playback systems in the studio (doesn’t work for me – I’m going for a very light-weight and minimal gear setup these days); dash about, to various playback systems and listening environments (probably the most authentic – but the time lag between trying a new eq setting and hearing the results is brutal).

I’m still dashing – but I started using the following technique to mix for portability:

First, get an audio unit or vst (I’m on a Mac) that has relatively flexible support for handling impulse responses. I really like the following, it’s easy to use, it’s functionality is general, it sounds good, and it’s stable:

LAConvolver from Lernvall Audio 


Second, download this fantastic set of Speaker impulse responses:

Impulse Responses by Fokke van Saane


Put LAConvolver as the last plugin on your Mix buss, and start auditioning your mix with a number of captured speakers and environments (Car radio, Small boom box, Tube radio (?!), Intercom speaker (?!), and so on)!


Distraction - Flock - Social Web Browser

Flock - Social Web BrowserInstalled - trying it out - testing it's blog capabilities. Certainly capable of accelerating waste of time.Flock
Blogged with the Flock Browser



Visualization of ccMixter Remix Relationships

Fascinating visualizations of relationships on ccMixter at Visualizations of remix culture:


Found via


A New Home for ccMixter - Request For Proposals


Sometime ago - ccMixter - thinking about where to go - was posted on Lessig. In addition, there was a good amount of discussion at ccMixter. Around that time, I was working on my first ccMixter remix - eager to participate in this exciting and vibrant music community. I've been ignoring the possibility of this change - as I had really enjoyed something vaguely similar, which ended up someplace very different. I really like ccMixter - change is inevitable - I'm eternally optimistic:

ccMixter to the max: Request For Proposals


Rain Lament (Pretty Mix) Music bed for Munich Airport Visitors Park

Via ccMixterblog - a video by ibogi, using Rain Lament (Pretty Mix) ft. Kaer Trouz:


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