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Hollywood Picture Book on Calendar Songs


Calendar Girl has added the Hollywood Picture Book mix to the March page of Calendar Songs – along with some nice notes:

I'm very pleased to have a remix here from vo1k1 who has generated such enthusiasm over at ccmixter. Even better, this mix features Kaer Trouz on piano and additional vocals. KT is an awesome singer, songwriter and composer who has contributed some real gems to the ccmixter community - both original a cappellas, music samples and a couple of incredible remixes. It's really worth checking out her homepage. While you're at it you can visit vo1k1's site too: here. His light, layered, summery mix of March features Duckett on bass and guitar from The Hexyl Cycle. Thank you for this! CGx

The Calendar Songs project is really quite astonishing – its ambition level, the number and quality of remixes, and the resulting body of work, as well as the highly anticipated album. In addition to the obvious and apparent goodness of all this – there is something else percolating here – like the tip of an opensource-ish artistic iceberg, that I have not completely processed. Well worth checking out.

How the prolific Kaer Trouz creates, expresses, and renders so much emotion in so many a capellas – I do not know. So, I was relatively blown away when I found she could do that with the piano also. Please hear her work also at Willanyonehearthis and ccmixter.


Hollywood Picture Book (feat Calendar Girl and Kaer Trouz) at ccmixter

A new vo1k1 remix at ccmixter. There is this deliciously sweet vocal by Calendar Girl titled March. It feels like an exciting bright summer haze. I wanted to write and mix something that sounded like light and sugary pop for it – fun fructose for a hot day in the city.

Hollywood Picture Book (feat Calendar Girl and Kaer Trouz)

I’ve also uploaded dry and wet sample packs containing samples and phrases used in the remix.


April 24th - 6:13p - Rain

april 24th, 6:13p, heavy burdens, commitments, crimes of emotion gone - reclined, closed eyes, the universe only the music of rain drops on car glass and metal – for an infinite 15 minutes of bliss


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Gut-wrenching images of poverty and wealth:


From selection of photos illustrating the wealth divide in different parts of the world.

Originally saw this on article Wealth Divide.


Pacemaker - pocket DJ hardware - desktop software - Web 2.0 community

Pacemaker - pocket DJ hardware - desktop software - Web 2.0 community

Is this as cool as it seems? If so, I wonder if there is an API - hook it up to ccMixter?

  • Pacemaker device
  • Pacemaker Editor
  • Music sharing community

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