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We R 1 (Self Identity Mix) at ccMixter

Image Credit: effeebee 



Remix of Sonja V’s “Naluwan House” vocals with the irresistible “Identity of Self” instrumentals from Hisboyelroy, and some speaking allure from Corsica_S at Freesound, and plenty of vo1k1 intention. The music bed employs several pellas that I am now addicted to as material for background and processed vox: Calendargirl’s “March”, Kaer Trouz’s “Blind Date A Capella”, and Laura Eason’s “Floating” vocals. 

We R 1 (Self Identity Mix)

I’ve also uploaded sample packs containing samples and phrases used in the remix.

It's very interesting to me to see how people work. So, I'm posting a capture of the final arrangement and session view - may be of interest to Ableton Live users:




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